Specialty Printing

At Red Falcon Ink, our first priority is taking your brand to new heights. But to reach a new level, you can’t simply stick to the status quo. That’s why our team continually pushes the envelope, executing specialty print projects that delight our clients and their customers. Plus, our competitive prices rival online vendors – with the local, friendly flair you won’t get from a huge corporation.

Our specialty printing products include:


Fabric graphics often appears at trade shows, helping businesses attract attendees to their booth. Red Falcon ink not only crafts eye-catching fabric graphics, but the SEG (silicone edge graphics) frames to showcase them. The latest innovation in fabric printing involves acoustic panels that flawlessly combine fashion and function. Often used to soundproof large spaces like school gymnasiums, conference, rooms or crowded restaurants, fabric panels not only improve acoustic but add a stylish, customized touch. Because they're tackable and magnetic, fabric panels are also great for the classroom or office.

Download our Fabric Wall Display systems brochure here:


We know that quality counts, and Red Falcon Ink is committed to ensuring each canvas is a true work of art. While our printed canvases most often decorate commercial spaces such as hotel rooms, airports and restaurants, they are worthy of the gallery.


Wood printing is a diverse category, with the final product used to serve a variety of purposes. Sometimes our products hang on walls, sometimes they transform walkways into work of art. Whatever the project, our team is eager to take it on.


Using only the highest-quality materials and most advanced techniques, our acrylic prints are like none other. We offer a wide variety of sizes to meet your needs – each competitively priced and available for quick turnaround.


From bold patterns to subtle ones, wallpaper achieves a unique look that paint simply can’t. Red Falcon Ink provides Standard Type II wall coverings that take any wall from boring to beautiful!

Magnetic Walls

Magnetic walls not only make a visual statement, but are incredibly functional as well. Businesses that often change wall graphics can skip the installation and simply peel one magnetic design off and swap it for another. This streamlined process makes customization more convenient and has been utilized in local restaurants and corporate settings.

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