Cooper River Bridge Run

Red Falcon Ink provides a variety of printed materials for the Cooper River Bridge Run, sprinting ahead of other local shops that can’t handle the demand of a project this size.


Services Provided:

  • Large format event printing
  • Banners
  • Mesh fence banners
  • Asphalt graphics
  • Stickers
  • Magnets
  • Backdrop pop-up displays
  • Vehicle graphics


square feet of printed banners

Estimated Impressions:

Over 100,000 runners and walkers
(Bridge Run Expo/Kids Run/10k Run/ Finish Festival)
+ live TV coverage

Production Time: 2 weeks

*Sponsors are often added at the very last minute, but our team works to accommodate them – especially since the event raises money for local charities!


Our challenge each year is to process a large number of sponsor logos, and then to print a massive quantity of banners and signage – with a very quick turnaround! Smaller shops simply don’t have the resources to get the job done, which is why our clients choose Red Falcon Ink time and time again.


Relying on 6 large format printers and our unique, direct to substrate UV print capability, Red Falcon Ink is able to complete huge printing projects while still maintaining our regular clients’ requests and timeframes. Other local shops with only a few printers struggle to do the same, resulting in rushed print jobs and compromised print quality.

But printing is only one small part of the process. The finishing of the materials is just as crucial, including cutting materials to size, hemming, grommeting, laminating, labeling, sorting, package and finally, delivery to the client. Red Falcon Ink utilizes specialty digital flatbed cutters for vinyl, soft signage and fabrics, allowing us to trim 15,000 square feet of banner to size without manually cutting the material.

Our extensive experience with large-scale events right here in the Lowcountry makes us a great print partner for your next event!

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