Bowen’s Corner Elementary

Bowen's Corner Elementary opened its doors to more than 700 students in August 2018. The school is located in Hanahan, and is led by its principal, Dr. Kimberly. The Capital Projects Administrator for Berkeley County enlisted our help to create an amazing space for the children and faculty. Our team was determined to provide students with a space they would love and be able to show their school spirit to the community. This project involved direct communication with the faculty, architect, and contractor over several months to present our graphics package. Our design team soared to a new level with this project. It was a big help that the school mascot is an Eagle, and being a team of Falcons, we had more than a few good ideas!


Past Projects:

  • Sangaree Elementary
  • Devon Forest Elementary
  • Cross High School
  • H.E. Bonner Elementary
  • Marrington Middle School

Services Provided:

  • Conceptual design
  • On-site measurements and paint pull tests
  • Print production layout & vinyl printing
  • Installation of signs, wallpaper, window films, banners, dimensional letters, etc.

Design Period: 3 months

Production Time: 1 month


The enormous main entry space provided a canvas for something truly special – and an installation challenge. Our team was up to the task, though, taking careful measurements before bringing our sketch to life. The construction utilized several different building material that required us to mount printed materials. These surfaces included glass, cinderblock, drywall, brick, and at heights up to 40 feet.


With administrators requesting a modern yet inviting vibe, we settled on a clean, dynamic design that incorporated the school’s branding elements. Once the initial sketch was mapped out, we began incorporating words of inspiration and some hand-drawn elements. A cloud background made an appearance as well, helping our design rise to new heights.

We utilized 3M printed vinyl because of the big impact it makes with saturated colors and long-term durability – both important aspects where kiddos are concerned. The Summa digital flatbed machine got a workout cutting the various shapes and letters, and then during installation, we used a scissor lift to reach to the tops of the interior ceiling.

Our entire team pitched in to accomplish this large-scale project, and the final product is one the Bowen's Corner Elementary Soaring Eagles will surely love for years to come!

Our extensive experience with large-scale events right here in the Lowcountry makes us a great print partner for your next event!

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