Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Vehicle Wrap Design, Printing, & Installation.

Vehicle wraps have become one of the most economical ways for a business to advertise. Companies do it to expand their brand awareness while on the road, service companies see it as a way to stand out from their competition, and consumers are seeking customized fashions to make their vehicles unique.

Red Falcon Ink, the vehicle wrap pros in Charleston, have wrapped everything from Smart cars and trailers to vans and boats, giving each vehicle its own unique calling card. We design and install custom graphics, wraps , and decals for any and all vehicles and fleets. Whether you are in the market for a full vehicle wrap or an economical partial wrap, the vehicle wrap experts at Red Falcon Ink are your solution.

What separates us from our competition is that we do everything from design to production and installation in-house, ensuring you the highest quality vehicle wrap possible. Our vehicle wrap design team works alongside our production and installation teams to make sure that your vehicle wrap design will fit and look good once it is applied to your car, truck, boat, van or other vehicle.

Vehicle wraps are moving billboards that demand attention and increase company exposure on a completely new level. From full coverage to partial car wraps, custom decals and company fleets, Red Falcon Ink creates energetic designs that engage and wow.

Stunning Design & Functionality

Creating functional vehicle graphics that will make your brand standout amongst the crowd. .svg
Great Design

Every wrap starts with a great design that will highlight your brand.
The Best Materials

We use the best wrap materials available and use the proper vinyl for the project.
Flawless Printing

Having the best quality printers for producing wraps is essential.
Expert Installation

Our installers are some of the most experienced and qualified in the industry.

We Provide The Graphics Experience You Need For Your Business Vehicles.

We Let Our Work Do The Talking. Contact Us Today & Experience Red Falcon Ink.

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About Vehicle Wraps

What exactly is a vehicle wrap?

A wrap is a large vinyl graphic applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The application of the wrap allows you to change the vehicle’s appearance quickly and without damage to the paint.

What is involved in the wrapping process?

Vehicle wraps are comprised of four phases. First is the consultation phase where we will inspect the vehicle, take measurements, and discuss the design. Next is the design phase, where we will layout the graphics for the wrap. Then comes the production phase, where the graphic is printed and then laminated to protect the vinyl from abrasions and UV rays that can cause the graphics to fade over time. The final phase is installation, where the vinyl is applied to your vehicle

How long will the wrap last?

Under normal conditions, the wrap will last between 3-5 years. The life is dependent, however, on many factors. We use 3m, Avery, and Oracal films/laminates which carry the longest manufacturer’s warranty in the industry.

Where do you wrap the vehicle?

We wrap vehicles in our garage at our shop location. The address is 1409 Stuart Engals Blvd. Building A in Mount Pleasant, S.C. 29464. Large Fleets of vans, buses, trailers, cars can be completed on location nationwide by our installers.

Do I need to bring my vehicle in for measurements?

We use a software program that has accurate dimensions of most standard production run cars, trucks, and vans that we can use to create a design proof for you. We will need measurements for new vehicles that are not in our software program. We will also need to inspect the vehicle before production begins. Inspecting the vehicle is important since many vehicle makes have several different model versions that could effect the design process.

How long will it take to wrap my vehicle?

Every job is different, depending on the size and complexity of the vehicle. In general, the wrap process can be quick once the design is approved. Printing only takes one day for an average vehicle including high roof vans. Often a full wrap applied by two of our Certified installers on a standard automobile can bedone in one day. However, we would advise that you plan to leave the vehicle with us for two days.

What is considered when calculating the cost of the wrap?

There are several things that come into consideration: design time, materials used, and installation. The surface complexity of the vehicle is also a factor. A vehicle with compound curves or indentions  are more difficult and more expensive to wrap than a box van or trailer with flat surfaces.

Can I see through the vinyl on the windows?

You can see through window graphics that are printed on perforated window film, commonly referred to as “window perf”. Window perf is perforated with small holes that allow you to see out. From inside the vehicle, visibility is similar to regular window tint. From the outside, the graphic is visible. If you want the best visibility through the perforated film, you can’t over laminate. Please note that if you do NOT use over laminate, it is very difficult to see through the perforated window vinyl when driving in the rain.

Can you wrap anything other than vehicles?

Yes. We can wrap boats, motorcycles, trailers, semis, 4-Wheelers, golf carts, machinery, buildings, walls, prosthetics, appliances, storefront windows…the possibilities are endless.